Battle of the Bulge, for the Bulge, by the Bulge!!!

What a genius I say this person is, whoever coined the termed “Battle” of the bulge. Yes, it is a battle indeed and a very tough one at that. Being in a real battle might have been better, but this is like a battle which doesn’t seem to end.

All is fair in love and war they say, I am in love and have been in wars with my dear hubby, but the bulge has not been fair to me! Why oh why this ora-vanjanais (partial treatment) to me?? And it does not, I repeat, DOES NOT help one bit when the better half is tall and thin. Gah! Nothing seems to stick to his body except for the skin and bones. But I have to say my cooking has done wonders to his waist for what he was 9 years ago, before I made my royal entrance into his life legally.

I was an athlete and an all rounder in sports (yes ALL ROUND) while in school. But college put a FULLisssstop in my tracks. Couldn’t miss out on those labs and dissections and tests. I still believe that would be reason for starting to put on weight.. (hah like I was real slim while in school. Who the hell am I kidding!) Of course the good genes too play their part. These kind of genes will never be suppressed. They will always remain the dominant ones.

You are supposed to cut down on all the good things-fried food,fatty food,sweets and the list goes on and on!. Come the weekend and all one can think of is the Pizza delivery, which restaurant to go and what to eat. Sigh! I am a hopeless case.

I envy people who can eat all they want and still remain to look so good. How does it work for them?? Where does their food go? Ok, I don’t want to know the nitty-gritties, but still.

Clothes is another problem, it never seems to be enough. Before you think I am those Carrie Bradshaw types–let me clarify, I have to keep constantly looking for something new because the old ones just wont slide over my body. And is it easy shopping for that XL size? Noooo way. Other countries seem to have clothes for all types of women. But India seems to have clothes only for the Small,Medium and Large. Some brands don’t even have an XL size. Though some of them have it, I have no clue based on what they stitch it.

Then there are those who maintain a strict diet, exercise and manage to lose weight too. Hats off to them! I have been exercising for the past few months, but the needle on the weighing scale seems to be a FEmALe–she is sticking to her guns and wont budge an inch!!! My diet is ok, not that bad. I don’t over eat, Non-Veg only on weekends when out, no regular sweets. Exercising regularly, What more can a poor soul do?? Ende Karthaave!! (OMG in English)

I do not want to try the “lose your inches within half an hour with us” and slimming clinics types. I know of a woman who tried the fat ironing or whatever its called with a very popular chain of clinics and ran away with her thigh being burnt never to return to them!!!!

“If walking is good for your health,the postman would be immortal,A whale swims all day,only eats fish and drinks water and is fat. A rabbit eats only veggies,runs and hops all day and only lives for 5 years.A tortoise does nothing and yet lives for 450 years” …wish they had taught me this truth in LKG instead of the “Jack and Jill and breaking his head” story 🙂 ;-p :-). Have a great weekend all of you and don’t let this post wreck your cravings and pangs.

Do any of you have your own sad or happy bulge stories to tell??? Tell Tell.