India’s defeat in the Cricket World Cup Semi-Final 2015 and the Outburst on Social Media

Yes, we lost yesterday 26th March 2015. We lost badly, horribly at the hands of a powerful, aggressive and better team-The Australians, yesterday in the Cricket World Cup 2015 Semi Finals. We Indians, the defending champions won the previous World Cup in 2011 and gosh what a win it was! Yes millions and millions of Indian all over the world were glued to their TV sets at home, big screens in office, some enjoying the World Cup offers for brunch/lunch at restaurants and cafes. Yes, we watched every ball, every strike of the bat, clapped and whistled when it was good, beat our heads and cursed when the game was going south. We are a cricket crazy nation and take great pride in it. This is one game which unites our diverse country over religion, language, education, caste, colour and what not!. Women form a huge part of this cricket crazy nation too—though we as a country do not give that much importance to our Women’s Cricket team even when they have done great. But, let’s not get into that now.

The horror started with the Aussies winning the toss and elected to bat first. Some hopefuls were still happy that we Indians are good at chasing (now I’m just talking about chasing runs in the cricket game, mind you) a good score. We have won many a match chasing a huge total and have good statistics to prove it. But when we lost our otherwise good batsmen one after the other-it all became very clear. We were not gonna win. With bated breath and shock we all watched our team crumble, but not before our ever dependable Captain-our Mr.Helicopter, our Mr.Cool put up a brave fight–the one and only Mahendra Singh Dhoni, MSD as he is lovingly called by all of us.

I knew the nation and its millions would be angry, devastated and would not be able to take it easily. As soon as the match was over, whatsapp was flooded with memes about our loss. But nothing had prepared me for the headlines and news screaming at me from the Newspaper today and the ruckus on social media-Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp etc.

Educated morons – if you are using Twitter and Facebook to exhibit your stupidness, of course you would be educated, right, at least in the bookish sense. Trolls had begun unleashing their verbal diarrhea on Anuskha Sharma who had gone to see her boyfriend the Indian Cricketer Virat Kohli play the match. She was there like any other girl friend to cheer and support her boy friend. She was there like any other family member, she was there like any other fan of Indian cricket. But, these weirdos love to blame others-so it started, blaming the poor girl for her boyfriend’s inability to score runs and win the game for us. Twitter was awash with mean lines about her physical attributes, about how she brought bad luck with her on a plane from India to Sydney, about how she was the source of distraction to Kohli.

Seriously! I mean serously! is this what you A***holes are made of? Yes, you are angry at India’s loss, angry at our poor performance, but does that give you any right to torment and torture a person who was in no way connected to the loss, except to fly down to show her support to the man she loves? So, it would mean that every man’s failure in a job, in his exam, in his interview, heck even in “getting it up” when needed – has to be blamed on the woman in his life!!! Whoa!!!!! Goal! We have scored-haven’t we??? Blame the woman/girl for everything a man cannot do. Chuckle, make mean jokes and hi five each other and beat your chests with derogatory comments on a woman—such an easy target right? How cooooooool and what a stud it makes you! Hoot! Hoot! Whistle! Whistle! Shame on you men, you uncouth F-ing morons!

Oh wait!. But this isn’t new is it? We are a nation who is used to this. Heck, even when a baby/child/teenager/woman/old lady gets raped, we blame her. Right, oh yeh, she asked for it. She deserved it. She was the cause the man couldn’t keep it in his pants! She was wearing that dress where he just lost control. Wow! Yes we as a nation are used to blaming the other person, rather than the person who is actually guilty of the crime. So, then yeh, blaming a woman for her man not “performing” in a cricket game is easy peasy. Oh yeh that “B***h”, how dare she bring bad luck.

But there is goodness. There are sensible people. There are human beings with a real brain in their skulls instead of the gravel gooey mess that some idiots carry around for a brain. They retorted. They gave it back. They shamed those trolls right back on Twitter, FB and Whatsapp with messages of support to MSD and his team and to Anushkha. They tore apart the shameless TimesofIndia channel who tried to create a scandal trying to potray MSD and Team India as horrible anti-nationals.

I wonder, why does this happen? Why do people torment and torture another person-knowing full well that none of what comes out from their filthy mouths are true – and yet why do they do it? What satisfaction do they derive? Yet, these are the same people who were angry at the comments Mukesh Singh one of the rapists made on the “Nirbhaya rape incident” in the Leslee Udwin documentary on why she got raped and how she was cause for her own rape and death and yet feel no shame in doing the same to others.

Aggression is needed. Emotions are allowed to run wild, but we expect at least the educated, privileged, technologically sound people to keep them in check and use their wit and sense of humour wisely. The other disturbing bit of news – MSD’s house has been “beefed” up with (oooooops, I hope I can at least use the “word beef” in this controversy bound country) security, lest some hooligans attack and trash his place and cause damage. Well it had happened once before, so no point being lackadaisical.

If anything, we should stand by our team and support our wonderful captain who hasn’t even seen his new born daughter (Ziva) and has stayed back to be with his team to ensure millions of Indians a few good games. Though we lost and badly at that, MSD and team you rock! But am I disappointed at the loss?? The hell I am. Do I still love MSD for doing what he did? The hell yes I do.

But I wonder why none of the astrologers and pujaris never predicted a win or loss for our team by looking at the horoscopes of all our team members! Oh and maybe they should also prescribe a “ring with the green stone” for Virat Kohli to wear on his right pinky finger to help him tone down his anger and aggressiveness. That would make him coooool, calm and composed and hit more runs for us. They should also make Dhoni wear a ring with Red stone to make him more aggressive and scream at his team mates and opponents once in a while. Well, red is associated with danger and stuff like that right?  Oh oh and maybe the vaastu experts should take a walk around the whole cricket ground a day before our matches and suggest corrections and also suggest where the crease should be laid and which direction our batsmen need to bat from. That would ensure us victory in all our matches, won’t it. Right. (#puresarcasm).

These are some of the Twitter mesgs which did the rounds – #shameontimesnow, #shametwittertrolls.

Twitter Trolls