Mothers of sons who eventually become Mother-in-laws

This is a special category of women who are put on a pedestal, because they gave birth to sons and therefore are gifted—so the society (Indian) says.

Mothers (parents) of daughters bring up their girls to be strong, independent and are liberal (mostly, at least in this generation and the previous) towards them. But boys are brought up to be timid, not to raise their voice, never to answer back or question their parents even if they think the parents could be wrong. If the boy is married and takes the parent to task for any issue, then he is immediately labelled “Jhoru ka Ghulam/Hen pecked” or his wife is cursed for turning their oh so loving son into a man who thinks for himself—and that is supposed to be a bigggg crime.

A boy’s mother is the one who has always made immense sacrifices, cooked such lovely meals, always has the son’s best interests in mind—like mothers of daughters have no such feelings, right? Oh, that’s because their daughter is never their own child, because ultimately she becomes owned by her husband’s family!!! Right, a daughter is always someone else’s property, like a piece of land or a car which can be transferred to anyone’s name. Gosh, what patriarchy does to our people!!!

There is this letter from an Indian Mother-in-law that has gone viral – and like many other people with common sense I find it so weird on all levels. Read about it here –

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In what way is the girl’s parents any way inferior to the boy’s parents??? When will our society change its mindset and stop this discrimination??? Will at least parents of my generation bring the much needed change into this society in the coming years???? Wishful thinking I would say! Sigh!!!!!!!!