Bahubali-The Beginning…My verdict on this Movie

15000 sketches,1 year of pre production work, 3 years in the making, stunning VFX, HOTT chisselled muscular heroes, fairy princess like Heroine, a bunch of “actors” who have actually acted….and 250 crores Indian money – put together make this Magnum Opus called Bahubali! I’ve never been so compelled to put down my thoughts about a movie I’ve seen, not even the Harry Potter series that I love so much….but this is just that kind of movie which needs one. (I know there are 100’s of reviews already out there).  

Somehow I’ve never been fascinated or liked the kaajal eyed, lipstick wearing “Chiranjeevis”, thigh slapping thunderous dialogue spouting, catching a speeding bullet with 2 fingers and throwing it back at the villain “Balakrishnas” nor the young current crop of Tollywood heroes to make me watch a Telugu movie. Fortunately for me The Hubby too is not a fan of his own “mother tongue” movies. So we safely end up watching Hindi and English movies in theatres. Well the same feeling applies for the Rajinikanth type movies in Tamil too and I know I would be clobbered by die-hard fans of these hereos 🙂 .

Somehow we (some) Indians find it so funny and hair pulling torturous to see some of our Indian heroes bashing up 50 burly men and escaping without a scratch, surviving knife and gun-shot wounds etc. That’s why even a superhero sci-fi movie like Ra-One with the famous Shah Rukh Khan died a violent death at the box office. But somehow similar superhero and war movies from Hollywood are more acceptable to most viewers…that could be because we know these are adapted from comics/novels/true wars from centuries ago.

Bahubali with its stunning landscapes, costumes, war scenes and more…all this created here in India…it’s truly a revelation that we can produce such grandeur on par with Hollywood. It’s a visual treat. Though we’ve seen umpteen Ramayana/Mahabaratha and other mythological movies and seen grandeur in Chandralekha/Mayabazaar/Karna types of movies, this one is a class apart.

Be it the scene where the Hero’s amulet bursts and breaks when his rippling muscles carry the heavy Shiva Linga, or when he hangs over the ledge of the mountain on top of the rocks where one mis-step could land him with a broken head or the brilliant war scene where your eyes are just riveted to the screen. Every scene speaks volumes about the intricate visualization of the director, his conversion of his visuals to every scene in the movie, it’s a treat!

Yes, the story could be heavily adapted from old mythology, the fight between the Hero and Heroine could be inspired from Zorro, the war scenes could have been inspired by 300/Gladiator/Troy types of movies. But Spartansssssssssssss, we have made our own Mahishmatians!

The heroine Tamannah (in this first half) looks ethereal and makes you wonder about the truth behind the beautiful maidens we’ve only read in stories and fairy tales. If there was ever a Knight in shining armour who would sweep you off your feet and give you that tingle in your knees-then the hero Prabhas has managed to do just that. The villian Rana Daggubati is not far behind with his good looks and muscular frame. Most important – the so called 6-8 pack Khans should go hide under the rock they came from…cause both the men in this movie are HOTTTTT and would give you a run for your money and take with them all your female fans.

Loved loved the idea of the Director in showing all the woman characters as strong, bold and not the weepy willow types or as damsels in distress. Be it the foster mother Rohini, the Rajmatha RamyaKrishna and both heroines Anushkha and Tammanah…and boy they could fight too!!! Applause! Every actor has done a wonderful job here and I would like to specially mention Ramya Krishna for her powerful role and it was just a cake walk for her. Kudos to all the technicians who have worked hard and given us this spectacular visual treat.

Take a bow Director S S Rajamouli sir, take a bow! Indian cinema (particularly Telugu cinema) for having the vision to make this and you have succeeded. The world has taken notice. Lastly, thank you for not making this movie with the Kanths, Hassans and the Khans.

I don’t think I would go back to watch any other Telugu movie .. but the 2nd part of this Magnum Opus Bahubali in 2016 is what I’m eagerly waiting for. Go watch it people….go be mesmerized in the grandeur and opulence of this Bahubali. This one is defnitely gonna grab some of the coveted Filmi awards this year….I am sure.

My only dissapointment – the viewers in the theatre did not whistle or clap or scream though everyone seemed like they loved the movie. They were all soooo well behaved. So when I screamed and clapped and hooted I was looked upon like an alien from Venus :-p . Well, did I care??? Not a bit–cause that was my way of showing my appreciation. Woooooohooooooooo!

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