About thoughtsrantsrambles

I am just another girl..no, woman who has been bitten by the bloggie bug. I have been reading so many wonderful blogs and have decided its time to start penning my thoughts too. This is mostly a personal blog, my thoughts, rants and rambles-about everything and anything.Things that make me happy,thatirritate me,about people and life. I live in India with my husband (who will be referred to as K in the blog). I love music (Ilayaraja,Hindi and English of the 80's/90's),love to travel,love watching serials ONLY on Star World,and all the Animal,Discovery Channels. The most recent hobby to have rubbed onto me (from K) is photography and I would call myself the "fluke shot photographer" :-). I love cooking,but hate to cook on weekends. Hope you like what you read here and keep coming back! Contact - thoughtsrantsrambles@gmail.com