India VS The World – LOVE

Well, this pretty much sums it up about “Love” between a couple wanting to get married in India VS the world.

FB has been trending with the rainbow colours with the ”“, but sadly this is what it is here in my country…for both men and women who want LOVE MARRIAGES.

Indian men

I have 3 examples already in my family

A. My sister and BIL are still not accepted by her MIL–after 21 years of marriage.
B. Me and my husband are not accepted (as a couple) by my husband’s side after 10 (next month will be completion of 11 years) of marriage.
C. The next gen in my husband’s side is fighting for her love to be accepted for over a year..and might mostly meet the same fate as ours.

Makes me wonder whether I should cry or laugh or just “facepalm”. Phhhhhfffffftttttt!!!


Your comments are welcome :-)

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