She is part of the family. She can melt your heart with her beady black eyes and her look of total innocence. You have to be really made out of granite if you don’t feel like gathering her up and squeezing her (gently of course) 😆 .

She is such a sweetheart, gets you wrapped around her fingers and toes after the initial loud sounds when she lays eyes on you. After that she is a baby in your hands and bonds with you totally. She loves to be patted and the antics she does to get you to scratch her makes you wonder whether she have a 6th sense.

I have never seen anyone or anything like her – she can eat anything and everything. She snorts at her type of food, but loves and wants everything an adult human eats..from Pasta, Pizza, Mushrooms, Veggies, Noodles, the list goes on. Even spicy Indian food is not a deterrent! 😯 She gives you a look that churns you from the inside and makes you feel like a selfish Grinch when you avoid sharing your food. But ultimately you give in and give her a bite of whatever your eating only for it to vanish before your hand goes back to your plate! Viola! Food there, now gone!

She was a few weeks old in 2010, when my sister’s family decided to go in for adoption. My mom who was staying with my sister then, was against the idea and insisted that it would be really difficult to manage. But they all still went ahead and were shown 2 of these little cuties. One just looked and stared at all of them, but this one crawled over and chose her family. It was as if Dumbledore had waved his heavy duty magic wand over my mom and she was the first one to be bowled over. “Let’s take her home” she cried and that’s how this lil one came to live at my sister’s home.

It was a new world, a new experience, a new being in the house. It was difficult at first to leave her alone and go out shopping. But time teaches you things and you learn to adjust. Specially when you have a lil one who can’t talk, who does not understand sign language, who only knows to eat and sleep.

She just grew into the family. Now she has cast her spell on me too. I bonded with her the last time I was here to visit my sister. When my mom is with me in Hyderabad, some of our Skype videos involve looking at her and just to see her reaction and how she responds to our voices calling out to her. Mom misses her soo much and now has gone to the extent of worrying whether she has eaten,slept,gone for her walk etc. Never has she fretted over us so much. I once asked her “have you cuddled and fallen over sister and me so much when we were young?” To which she replied “Huh! As if you both were even half as cute as this one”. Well, that again proves what I strongly believe in – NEVER ASK QUESTIONS, YOU WILL NOT GET ANY ANSWERS 😕 .

She is a cute and cuddly sweety pie now. Energetic and mad as she runs around the house like one possessed out of the blue. She has to be given importance and when she realizes that people are ignoring her she royally comes over and attaches her butt to you for a royal scratch. She loves it when anyone has had a bath, has smeared good lotion or perfume all over their body. She would go into a frenzy and lick you out. Smell of sugary stuff and anything sweet gets her excited. She loves chocolates and Ice creams. But sadly she can never eat chocolates as they are poisonous for her. I never knew that. It was news to me.

The only time we hear her voice is when she sniffs out the presence of her opposite sex…and for a tiny 3yr old who looks like a toy, Oh boy!!! does she have a voice or what! She lets the whole world know of her presence then. Grrrrrrr!

She understands few of her commands very well. She obeys them so sweetly. It’s so cute to see how her ears stand up on hearing the words like Sit, Down, Walk, Come etc. But at the same time when she wants to ignore you, she snorts at you with a look of disgust and sprawls out on the floor like you are no one to her. Attitude, I say!! Huh! 😯 .

It’s amazing to see the love she pours out when you return from your outing. She waits on the couch and does window watching looking out for her look alike and her family. You are greeted with lots of running around, licking and sometimes she will grace you with her royal presence on your lap for a rub. She is a typical girl and a smart one at that 😉 .

I never used to understand why Hollywood movies always show people running back into a burning house or sinking boat or a flooded street just to save these little members of their family. Now I get it. You would do anything to save them from any danger just as you would do it for your own people.

This was how she looked when she first came home..Brownish White.


This is how she looks now. More of Whitish with patches of brown. She’s a Maltese Poodle. Ain’t she cute?



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