K’s Quips

These are some of the many conversations between K and me, where I end up with a “face palm” and 🙄

One saturday on our way out gallivanting, I saw the RAMBO circus tents being put up..(about 5km from our house).

Me – Heyy Circus, Shall we go tomorrow, K?

w/o batting an eyelid

K   -I’m seeing it every day at home. why go there and waste time.

Me – 😯 🙄


In a mood of celebration..I tried an MJ step.
and K says – you look like Kung Fu panda!!!

After trying to burn him with my looks he continues – “No dear, what I meant was you look so cute and cuddly like a Panda. Cute, just concentrate on that word” and he goes back to his laptop.

Me – 😕


Me – K, tell me one sentence in Tamil or Mallu na

K – Patti poda (Patti in Mallu is dog, Poda in tamil is Go away)
Me – Eh!!!!!! 😯 😕
This is how married couples talk…..


One day we were watching the “Tere ore” song on tv
Me-is Katrina Kaif as good luking as me?
K–noooooooooo sweety. Not at all.
Me- 🙂 😀 😛

after 2 seconds
K–I can hug u, but can’t hug her na.
Me- ❓ ❗

Err..ahem. Now was that a compliment or did I hear sadness in his voice?Men!!


Me — K, please take your wet towel n put it in the balcony.
K — Silence. Busy on the laptop

After 10 mins I come back into the room and the wet towel is still on the bed.
Me — KKKKKKKKK, take the towel from the bed n put it in the balcony
Kishore — Why this KOLAVERI di????
Me — 😯 😕

I almost fainted, mouth shut & locked!!!!  😦


Me – K, what is the diff between DATA & INFORMATION??? please don’t gimme tech jargon and explain so that I can understand.
K   – thinks for 5 secs and says 3-6-2-4-3-6 is DATA and 36-24-36 is INFORMATION!!!

Me – 🙄


MORAL-Don’t ask men questions, you won’t get answers!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!



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