You know that summer is here when you start to think “Why din’t I install a small A/C into the toilet, so that I could do my job in peace and be cooooool 😎 :idea:. As it is, the pressure is huge and with the sweat rolling right into the eyes like a professional golfer who has hit his ball into the hole, you can’t even see where the faucet is! Bleddy Summer I say!!

You know that summer is here when you have to go additional times “to do your job” but don’t mind sucking, slurping and biting into another one of those yellow, juicy, fat mangoes :-). I sure don’t mind. Bleddy summer I say! Why can’t these mangoes grow all the year round??? Why does it have to be seasonal? What are all the scientists doing without finding a solution for “mangoes all through out the year”????

You can’t eat your chicken curries and fries and gravies in pieces and in peace…it increases your body heat!! Bleddy summer I say! That is when you want to catch a chicken running around in your neighbourhood and turn it into a delicious kabab-with its taang of ofcourse. What is a taangless/legless chicken…Blasphemous!

You know summer is here when you dig into your cupboard looking for the softest cotton clothes (which ultimately would not fit you-coz you had bought them just last year) or better want to walk in just a two-piece bikini inside the house or wear just a long T-shirt and loiter around. My mom would face-palm, have a shock 😯 and roll her eyes 🙄 , but what the heck! she’s seen me in lesser costumes when I was a kid, right??? But that will be the day 7 couriers, 3 marketing executives, and your neighbour comes knocking on your door. Bleddy summer I say!

U know summer is here when you hate the sight of your kitchen and wish you had a robot to cook for you or better still a button system which when pushed brings out your favourite food items. Sigh!! Hmm I know, I know, I’ve been watching toooo many sci-fi movies :-(. For the buckets and buckets of sweat running down from my head and trickling into unscratchable areas, wish it was my fat melting away. Why does all the sweat not help in reducing weight??? Hmmmmphhh. Bleddy summer I say!

Thankfully summer in Hyderabad lasts only for 2 months – April and May. The first showers start bang on in June and from then on the climate is pleasant. Winters here are from Oct-Feb, and we don’t even need a fan. Though I need a fan (always) and my husband sleeps with a quilt even in summer is a different story altogether :???:. The weather is the best part I like about this place and makes me like this city much more than Chennai where I was born. Chennai is hot, hotter and hottest and come rains in Nov-December the place is inundated and swimming pools spring up in the middle of the road.

Leaving you with a picture of “Mango Pana cotta” I made a few days back. Slurp! Slurp! Thank God for mangoes–its makes the summer worth it.

Mango Pana cotta


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