Copy Cat Neighbours

Warning – Its a rant ahead. Read at your own risk, along with a rusk 🙂

I have this neighbour family-they are a nice couple, friendly and helpful. But the thing that bothers me is that they are a tad bit curious about what happens in my home, what we have bought, how we have decorated our house and things like that.

It started right from the time they bought the flat next to ours (our apartment was still under construction). Since the watchman used to have the keys to the flats, they used to ask him to open our flat and check how we were doing up our house!!! Ridiculous, right?? K and me never found that out until later.

We had asked the builder to make small changes to the plan for our house and he was cool enough to accommodate them. Things like having an open kitchen, making the bathroom bigger, diff colour paints for each room etc. Imagine our shock when after copying everything the Mr. tells us jokingly one day “we also made our kitchen a little bigger, copied the same paint colours from your house,ha ha ha”. It was not at all funny to us. Poor K, he had to take all my teeth gnashing and darting arrow looks. He also has this habit of asking us for the amount we spent on a specific item and then goes onto state that he went searching for a similar product and got it at a lesser rate!! Oh how I feel like talking to him with my hands.

Besides this, every week the Mrs. just walks in (whenever she finds our door open), no ringing the door bell, no knocking, no calling out to me.. and while she makes the excuse of talking to me, I can see her eyes wandering trying to find out what new things we have bought for the house!!

Things have gone to the extent copying the decorative items, even buying the same bed sheets!!!. One day the bed sheet was put to dry in the common area and my mom went to remove it thinking I had put it there. Immediately the Mrs. ran out saying “aunty, it is mine”. My mom was so amazed and blurted out “you have even bought same bed sheets like our house????” to which the Mrs. just blushed with embarrassment and hurried into her house. Things like these have irritated me so much, that my only way of venting my anger is on my hubby. But then the practical hubby says “Imitation is the best form of flattery, be happy that she finds your taste and style so good that she also wants to copy that”. That moment all I want to do is to use the frying pan on poor hubby’s head. 😦 🙂

What I don’t understand is that why can’t people just follow their own ideas and do what they want and live their lives according to what they want. Why do they want to copy from others? Though it might be easy to copy rather than rack your brains and find ideas, after a few years won’t you find it so horrible to have done everything the other person has or decorated your house like a twin of your neighbour’s??? Won’t they like to or want to do it their own way???

This doesn’t stop at things in the house, copying the type of clothes we wear too. For eg, when they newly came into the building for about 1st 2 months the Mr. used to wear into lungis. The Mrs. noticed my hubby wearing 3/4th’s or shorts at home. Suddenly he starts wearing shorts and 3/4ths and that too same colours and designs that my hubby has!!! Ok, you can always change your style, but man, wouldn’t you want to buy something with a different design and colour??? Made me realize that they notice so much and go shopping for exactly the same things!!!

To top it all the Mrs. has a horrible habit of coming straight and peeping into our bedroom when we are in the room or even when we are not there. I have tried to be discreet in telling her that it’s not manners to walk straight into some one’s bedroom, whether its empty or not. But she just refuses to get the message! It is her curiosity to check what are the new things that we have bought for our bedroom-be it a wall painting or new photos put up in our bedroom wall.

I am just at a loss what to do and how to make this person understand. I guess I’ll just have to bite my teeth and bear with it. It would just take me 2 minutes to give her a piece of my mind. But I just don’t want to spoil our neighborly relations. It doesn’t help that our main doors are just 2 feet away from each other. Even weekend grocery bags do not escape their scrutiny. The Mr. comes out and makes conversation just as we wait to open our door and all the while his eyes are on how many bags are there, what all are visible through the bags!!!! I have given up!!!

Have any of you come across such over-enthu neighbours and have you communicated to them that you don’t like what they are doing???


11 thoughts on “Copy Cat Neighbours

  1. do not have a copy cat kind of neighbor, but a character who showed lots of attitude to me in the beginning… held it for 3 yrs, I was a victim of her mood swings too.. fed up each gave all not in talking terms itself..coz my heart had been tossed here and there and am done now.. I have even lost my inner peace coz of these folks..yappa urs is 2 much I say..annoying..

    • there are characters like this everywhere. I am also too naive to understand what these kind of people are upto at the beginning. Then I blame myself for not realizing earlier. People who don’t value others emotions don’t deserve our time and energy. Life is too short. Its better to have few good people around you than have a huge bunch of them who are good to your face and snigger behind your back.

  2. Ist you should call the cops on her she has no business peeping into your bedroom or home for any reason she is taking it a little to far to see what you have.I would never invite someone like that over she seems like a serious stalker.I also have a few neighbors that annoy me to no end if I’am outside doing any projects or adding new things I see them doing the same things if I wear my hair a certain way or even my style of clothes as soon as I see the copycat I will change and she has no choice but to leave on what she has while I still shine.I’ve stop coming out at my same times and change up my routine and it keeps me free of the stalkers.I’ll tell you it’s not flattery it’s envy on their part they are envious that you look good in something or that you came up with a better way to make your house look better and they can’t stand it but the sad part is that many other neighbors like mine notice who the poser is and that should embarrass them.I also have moments when I just feel sorry that they have nothing better to do than copy because they want so badly to be someone they are not. I know it grates on your nerves as it did me in the beginning but now little by little I make no time to even care about it it’s tough at first but if you find things you love to do to keep you busy and soon enough she will get fed up and not even be able to copy you.

  3. We just got our house painted. It needed to be done. It looks lovely, but now I notice that the lady living next to us has had what appears to be a painter up looking at it. I would not be surprised if before I knew it, she is now getting her place done! This sort of thing used to not bother me. But I found out from another neighbour of mine, that when they had to replace a tv the same woman went and got a new one! Coincidence? I think not! This is really pissing me off. But there is really nothing I can do about it. Bottom line is this. People like my nosey ignotant nexy door neighbour are more to be pitied than anything. Its all rather pathetic.

    • Welcome here Cathal Looby. Yes its indeed pathetic. It’s gets onto you when here you go around doing your research and decide on something and then comes along someone and just copies all your hard work without lifting a finger!!! I don’t understand why they wouldn’t want to make their own ideas work for them.

  4. We have neighbors that copy us too. They have have copied our dining chairs, patio furniture, painted their walls the same color, almost the same curtains, wall decor, the list keeps going on. They are always home too, do not talk to us, and I do not think they have any friends. It’s become extremely creepy and my husband and I try to avoid them at all costs.

  5. Yes. I and husband are both engineers. Both of us designed and planned our house for 3 years. Construction was difficult as it involved working out new ideas with the contractor. During construction a man who had brought the nearby lot walked in without invitation with his wife saying he wanted to have a look.

    Since they were already in, I had to let them take a look. We finished in 2015. They finished today and I can never get over the extent to which they have copied all designs. Not one or two, all. No words to describe. Since their lot comes first , it’s more visible….ie all our designs displayed there.

    . If they could steal the designs with such impunity, makes one wonder where they stole the money to build their house. The best part was I met that man on the street, and on seeing me he immediately looked straight ahead. No acknowledgement no nothing.

  6. Omg yes! I have several stalker neighbors that continuously watch me and try to show off them self to me but I just act like i don’t notice.. lol not only do they copy me but they try to prove they are like us lol I just try to live my life but it’s annoying when people try to interrupt

  7. our neighbor’s envy, copying, stalking, and endless video survaillance of us and our property, went as far as that they destroyed our entire garden, poisoned our trees, plants, flowers and us. it was psycho terror for several years. there was nothing we could do because they would spray the poison from a car driving by, and where we live it is against the law to film the street with a survaillance cam. we spent many nights waiting in the garden or driveway to catch them but for some reason they always knew when we were out there. the next day when we were not out there they would come. it was the entire family terrorizing us, our house, our garden. they were driven by envy and hate. we came to the conclusion that these people are psychopaths and that they only deserve our pity. we rented a garden somewhere else and spend weekends there now to escape their madness and drama. very peaceful there and my flowers are finally lucious and gorgeous again.

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