When She throws her Thaali on his face and walks out

I was jolted out of my bedroom. There was a lot of noise, women screaming, a man hitting another man, some elderly folk standing around, a woman weeping buckets and lamenting. It turned out to be that the man who was getting beaten up was the Son-in-law and the one beating him was his BIL. The guy was in love with a girl,could not marry her due to family pressure and was forced to marry this girl.He could not get over his love,so starts mentally torturing his new wife (typical psycho character).Meanwhile he gets back in touch with his lover,convinces her that he still loves her and agrees to get a divorce from wife and marry her. (Lover makes it clear that she will marry him only after a divorce).

So psycho hatches a plan and gets in touch with a guy from his wife’s village who liked her once upon a time. Hatches a plan, tells him to come home as a friend’s friend to torture his wife mentally and while they are alone at home, he would bring down his parents at the opportune moment and establish the “illicit relationship” of his wife. So as a part of this plan, psycho writes a “love letter” as though written by the friend and sends it to wife.

But unfortunately, the guy from the village has a change of heart and informs the wife of all that the psycho is upto. Wife is devastated and calls her parents and brother. Her parents come home, psycho brings his parents and is shocked to see inlaws at his house. He has already arranged for the other guy to be in his house. Heated words are exchanged, character of the entire girl’s family is torn to bits by the MIL (who is hand in glove with her son). All the while the girl’s father remains quiet saying “truth will come out soon”.

The girl then calls out to the lover and the village guy (who are already hiding in another room). They come out and the VG (village guy) now plays a conversation recorded on phone where the psycho instructs him to do all this and claiming that he wants his wife out of his life and this is the only way to do it. The lover girl is devastated, embarrassed for believing him, slaps the psycho and tells him that she doesn’t want to see him again. “If you can do all this to your wife, I can’t imagine what you will do to me if we have fights and you decide you don’t want me also in your life” she screams and walks out on him.

Psycho’s father blames the son, beats him up and the mother,tells the in-laws that he will help in all legal proceedings and that his DIL is no more married to his son. He asks them to taker her away and take good care of her.

All this while the DIL hasn’t cried or screamed. She walks up to her husband, slaps him and his mother, takes away her Thaali (mangalsutra) and throws it on his face. She then attacks him and screams “why did you spoil my life, what wrong did I do to you” and walks out on him with her family.

Bravo!!! Wonderful!!! What a courageous young woman, I said to myself. I wondered why that fellow went through all this twisted planning? Did he think that he would get away because he was a BOY and that he could easily wriggle out after accusing her character?

Alas, this was an episode in a Tamil serial yesterday on Sun TV. Would this happen in reality? I never watch serials and avoid them like plague. But I peep in once a while when my mom is busy watching her Malyalam and Tamil serials. These kind of tortures, fights are all very very common, but this is the first time I saw such a scene.

I wonder, if this was in reality how many parents would have stood behind the girl and agreed to take her home? Give her a new life?. There  there would be cries of “what people would say. How can you live alone”. Our family honour has been tarnished” etc etc.  A girl’s place is with her husband and she under no circumstances should leave him. She should put up with everything including violence, torture and many other things.

There are so many women who fight for their dignity, rights and even life on a daily basis, taking in such s*** from husband and inlaws for the sake of society, kids, honour etc. Don’t they ever think of their own life, their right to a happy life?

Most serials are full of MIL’s Vs DIL’s and vice-versa, SIL’s, BIL’s against each other. Men who can’t use their spine and speak out against his mother and sisters. Those who go in the bedroom and beg their wife to “adjust” and remain calm. Even those who are unable to correct their wife when she tortures his mother and sisters. Is it so difficult to speak your mind when you see injustice being meted out to another person, that too in your own family??? What are they scared of? When I happen to see such scenes all I can think of is “She/he deserves one (or maybe more) tight slap. But will a slap solve the problem? I don’t think so, and I am one amongst those who strongly oppose raising a hand on another.

Some ideas and the way these women plot against each other are straight out of a horror movie. It’s like these serials are giving women and men new ideas of how to mentally and physically torture others. A woman seeing these kind of serials even if she has a little misunderstanding with her DIL or MIL will be motivated to try and act that way or to misunderstand things and wreck the relationship forever. And to think that these dialogues and scenes are written mostly by men!! In the end the villian/vamp has a change of heart, but then for years and years the bad things are what people see.

The dialogues are so hurtful and mean. They are twisted out of context and meant to tear up one’s heart. Every one is shown to be mean and selfish and the one good person has to bear all that without flinching. Is it so easy to manipulate others?? Don’t people use their own brains to see what is right and wrong??

Why should anyone take any sort of s*** from anybody? I feel if you open your mouth and give them a piece of your mind that you will not take any more of such behaviour, the perpetrators (be it the MIL, DIL or SIL or husband,FIL,BIL) would get the message.  If you are calm and scared, that is when they get the courage to pin you down even more. One just needs to have that courage and boldness. For that, parents should inculcate that in their children-be it a boy or girl..to stand up for themselves and to also not hurt another person. Brothers and sisters should not be allowed to get away when they insult,humiliate and slap each other. That would make them think they can do it to others too (wife, husband, IL’s).

Why do people, especially women love to see such serials which are so mean and depressing. I know of men too who love watching these type of serials. Are these serials really helping or degrading our society??? I simply don’t have an answer.

Leaving you with my exact reaction when it happens at home… :-). https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=3655829635My Reaction37318&set=a.330083727087242.74712.329890550439893&type=1&theater

Happy weekend to y’all.


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