Opposites Attract

It’s the 17th year of knowing each other – 5 years as friends, 3 years as lovers and 9 years married, yes yes to each other  🙂

-He is a Cross thread wielding Brahmin Boy.I am a Cross with chain wearing Christian Gal.

We are both not very religious, not superstitious and not followers of anything which doesn’t make sense and doesn’t have logic.

-He is a Ikkada, Akkada, boy. I am an Avide, Ivide Girl.

We communicate in English, Mallu, Tamil and Telugu.

-He is a geek. I am an Antique.

We both love travelling, gadgets, photography and the works.

-He is a “why to waste energy talking” types and I can go talking dime to the dozen 🙂

We believe that in a good marriage, one has to listen and one has to talk 🙂

-He is the leaf eating variety. I love to eat the varieties in flying, swimming, walking types.

We both love eating out and are never fussy about food.

-He is the “leave the towel on the the bed for days” types. I am the “I have to win the cleanliness contests” types.

Together we manage to clean the house in an hour when guests are due to arrive 🙂

-He hates horror and thriller movies. I love The Exorcist, Psycho, types.

We love cartoons, comedy movies and all the Animal/Wild Life Channels.

-He is Jerry and I am Tom .

We love pulling each other’s leg, make each other pull out each other’s hair too at times.

-He is tall and thin. I am slightly well rounded and of the Average Indian woman’s height. Ahem!

We lech at the Angelina Jolies, Sandra Bullocks, Scarlett Jos, Brad Pitt, Will Smith, George Clooney together.

-He is the “Practical” Saint. I am the “Impulsive” Giant.

-He is crazy about me and I love him to bits.

-I rest my case.


10 thoughts on “Opposites Attract

  1. He is thin and U r not. What a good reason for eating his food and say Opposites attract….Ahem Ahem…But loved the sarcasm…it comes naturally for us cos we are moulded that way…(senjaanga…:-)) Ha ha…continue the good work

  2. 5 years as friends, 3 years as lovers and 9 years married… I love this true to heart statement.
    Though its heartbreaking to notice that friends 12 years ago, lovers 9 years ago… And then we got married… Uhh… In life’s accounting, all these should be carried forward too…

  3. That is a really cute summation of the story. Do we need any more proof of “opposites attract”? 😀 Wish you both many more years of happiness and togetherness.

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