I’m sure everyone would have had a different set of friends in different stages of their lives. One set in junior level, one in high school (several sets if you happened to change schools often), college and in office. Though there would a couple of BEST FRIENDS all through these levels, there would also be a group of BEST/GOOD/THICK friends at each level–u get what I mean?

We would’ve spent such wonderful days together doing all sorts of things from group study, to restaurant-ing, movies, gossip and so many things. I used to feel horrible during weekends and holidays and loved going to school just to be with friends. Be it hiding the tiffin box and eating in class or helping a friend sleep in class, bitching about teachers, making fun of them, bunking classes, trying to copy during class tests, hanging out in the canteen – friends are someone with whom you could share everything. And I have to say that I have had such a wonderful, mad group of friends while in school, college and while working.

But life takes us on different paths, different careers, different countries and different lives. But does that friendship and the fun that we had change so drastically that some of them refuse to even acknowledge the good times we had?

Thanks to FB, I have been able to get back in touch with so many of my friends. I get so excited when I find a long lost person. But soon get so disappointed when that enthusiasm is not reciprocated. Some of them are so formal and don’t even have any time for friends.

Won’t they remember the fun times we had and how close we were once? Won’t they want to keep in touch? I am not judging them, maybe they are busy with family, work etc. But I can’t understand when they act soooo MATURE and all grown up as though all those were childish things and it is not worth remembering all that. Is that how friendship turns out? Is it supposed to be that way or am I living in a different world? Besides are you supposed to be a different person once you hit your 30’s. I for one can’t that way. And pray, what is acting your age????

Some of them are outright rude and sarcastic. Maybe they think that is their way of being funny. Seriously!!! I have this one friend who I felt was being unnecessarily sarcastic for everything (that too publicly on FB posts and comments). When I enquired with my other friends, apparently they too have felt the same and few of them try all means to avoid her. It’s really sad. I would never want my friends to avoid me.

I’m glad and happy to be blessed with few of my friends who are as genuine, as mad and as lovely as they have always been in all these years. I have no issues with those who just want to be acquaintances.


4 thoughts on “Friends

  1. “I get so excited when I find a long lost person. But soon get so disappointed when that enthusiasm is not reciprocated.”

    Tel me about it! I have faced much the same time and again ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Thanks Shail for looking up on my blog. I have been following your’s for a long time and love your writing.

    I don’t understand how people can change so much-It’s like they r a totally diff person now.

  3. So finally andha nal vandhachu.. and sooper.. cuz I am going to be on a roll now ( ROFL mean pannaree)..ur 1st blog itself rite on girl.. lovely topic and yeap FB teaches u a lot.. I do have a friend even in my list who is acting like mature mature.. Oh yeah nu sollalam nu thonum.. but then it’s OK.. Keep going girl cuz I am ready to read and listen to ur thots.. Happy Writing.. ๐Ÿ™‚

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