First post on the Blog

I have been thinking on what to write as my very first blog post. It’s a new step, a new arena and my thoughts are all over the place. Guess it happens to everybody. How to choose a topic for a first post?? It’s not that simple I guess.

So just want to say that this blog will a place for my thoughts, rants and rambles on anything and everything. It would be mad, funny, angry and hopefully much more. This blog will have words in English, Tamil, Tanglish, Malyalam, Malyish, Hindi, Hinglish and a lil bit of Telugish (because that is the combination of this language that I presently know).

So, yayyyy my blog is up and Happy Blogging to meeee.


7 thoughts on “First post on the Blog

  1. Very true .. While it is true that we have some people who act very old although they are only as old as we are :)) , I also feel that we are lucky that we can still find many friends of our generation who refuse to grow up and act ‘ our age’ and just being as fun as we were in college πŸ™‚ – and for those who want to age faster… well .. sorry you are missing out on all the fun :))

  2. Penn is mightier than a sword… And when a mighty penn starts to ramble… It’s gonna be earthshaking … Looking forward

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